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Some of us were taught that credit was evil, and although that may seem true at times, there are many positives to having good credit. Good credit allows us to own a home, purchase a car, and helps us keep peace of mind.

Owning a house is on most of our life goals. Renting can get expensive, and instead of paying your own house, you’re paying off that of someone else’s. Also as we grow older we tend to build a greater yearning for owning our own place. Houses cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and unless you have that kind of cash, you’ll have to acquire a home the same way we all do, from the bank. A bank will finance the house for you in exchange for usually 20% down, a 15-30 year mortgage, plus interest. If your credit is bad, a bank won’t even waste their time with you. Even if you have good credit, it’s important still strive for greater, as the higher the credit score the lower the interest rates are.

Another life goal many of us have is owning a new car. Old cars are a hassle. There is something always wrong with them. As soon as you fix one thing, something else breaks. That’s why after a few bad experiences we all look into buying a new car. A new car costs about $20,000 or higher. Unless you have that kind of cash, you’ll be with the rest of us right back in the bank. A car loan is a littler easier to obtain, but you still need good credit. The better your credit the less interest you pay, and the lower your monthly bill is.

Having bad credit can be very stressful. Creditors call you 24/7 with no remorse, no one will lend us any money, and the stress may even start to affect our health. Even to rent a home they look at your credit score. This can really hurt us when looking for an apartment. Bad credit is the worst, but there is hope.

Ownership of a house, having a car, and peace of mind are just some of the benefits of having good credit. If you don’t have good credit though, it’s not the end of the world for you. Here at Open Sky Credit Repair, We specialize in credit repair. We can help you get back on the track to realizing your life goals.

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