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Credit Resources

You might think you only have one credit report and one credit score. In reality you have three, and they may differ.  You should check all three reports regularly.  Get a free copy of your credit reports from each credit reporting agency to  Ensure the information listed on each credit reports is correct and up to date.

Secured Credit Cards are a tool that can help you reestablish, establish or strengthen your credit history. Unlike prepaid cards, Secured Credit Cards provide you with access to a credit line, and your payment activity will may be reported to all three major credit bureaus.

Retail Credit Accounts can help build and/or rebuild credit. Like major credit cards, they report to the major credit bureaus monthly. If managed wisely, Retail Credit Accounts can help you get back on track to having good credit. These provide a good opportunity for people who have trouble getting approved for credit and are looking to strengthen their credit score. 

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